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Indexhire Inc’s mission is to become a leader in providing business solutions “with its niche products and services” to the businesses worldwide.

Incorporated in the year 2019, Indexhire Inc has become pioneer in providing Business Solutions and Services to various organizations worldwide. Our organization has provided services to various small and big organizations, including fortune 500 companies.

Technology Services

Over a period of close to 2 decades, Indexhire Inc has built niche expertise in numerous sections that we offer to our clients worldwide. Our value added expertise have made us build a strong relationship with our clientele and we continue to thrive for excellence. Here are some of our expertise. These are offered on a SOW (turnkey) or Time and Material basis:


Indexhire Inc has successfully built several business productivity solutions. All or products have been built with one simple objective- We build meaningful and value added products that can provide greatest amount of value to our client. Here is the summary of our products:

Business Services

Indexhire Inc offers it business services to wide variety of clients covering multiple domains. Our professional services cover enterprise Technology Strategy, Technology Program Management, Architecture Consulting and Evaluation, Software Development, Testing, Systems Integration, Support, Offshore Development and Incubation services, Build Operate and Transfer services, Resume Sourcing Service as well as contract and permanent staffing services. Here are the list of our business services.

Our company is comprised of a team of security experts to ensure Enterprise Trust & Assurance!

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My Sales Dialer

My Sales Dialer(Patent Pending) is a very handy and feature rich mobile CRM application coupled with a powerful auto dialer for Android Phones...

Technology Services

Services are focused on building solutions around enterprise infrastructure software and hardware...

Consulting Services

Indexhire Inc Consulting Services. A cost effective way to get quality consultants for your project needs...

Application Development

Port applications to other platforms, create new , and rewrite current one in another language...

Sourcing Service

We have an excellent staff of recruiting & sourcing leaders with deep understanding of technology & business requirements...

Incubation Service

In order to utilize the extra capacity at our various office locations and strong resources available for work...

Our SkillExam System saves tremendous amount of time in Pre-Screening the Candidates before formal Interview!

What we do

Security & Compliance

Vunerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Secure Code Analysis, Audit and Compliance Services.

Infrastructure Support Services

Managing Private Cloud Infrastructure,public Cloud, VMs, Middleware, Production Databases..

Data Science & Analytics Services

Create POC using R and Python,Implement Data Science Algorithms, Create Analytical Reports.

Human Resource Management

Contract and Perm Staffing Services. Pre-Hire Skill Assessment System, Employee Performance Review Systems.

Field Sales Solutions

Setup and Customize Field Sales workflow, Setup the centralized dashboard, Train the Field Sales team, Ongoing support.

Data Center Management

Data Replication and Redundancy Service (Sql Server).

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Leading Mobile Inside Sales CRM Releases its Mobile App in Multiple Languages

September-09-16 |San Francisco, CA Indexhire Inc Information Systems Inc, a leading Mobile Inside Sales CRM provider releasesFieldWorkMobility (http://www.fieldworkmobility.com) its Android version with 10 new languages. The company also offers iOS version and Salesforce version of the app as well as a dashboard on the cloud for managers to manage remote sales executives around the globe.



Indexhire Inc LLC news from 2001 to 2004..



List of Various contracts signed with enterprises..These are the contracts signed by Indexhire Inc over period of 10+ years..

We Built the World's First Mobile FieldSales Solution with a Powerful AutoDialer!!