SkillExam has something really unique to offer to boost your assessment capabilities, whether you are hiring new employee or conducting a performance review or simply conducting online exam in your organization, we can help you in taking the guess-work out of your process. We provide you customized online assessment test for skills of your choice to assess your examinee/candidate.

Here is how it works: (All the below activities happens securely from your online account)

• You create an online assessment exam for one of your examinee/candidate with certain skills to be tested (e.g. Leadership Skills or Accounting Skills or Java, PHP Skills)

• The exam could be of 15/30/60 minutes (depending upon your choice) comprising of random questions from the required skills from the vast set of questions repositories stored in our database.

• Once created you can send the exam pnk with secure user_id and password via email to your candidate.

• Once your candidate receives the assessment pnk with secure user_id and password. The candidate takes the exam with free hand answers (no multiple choice questions). Since a genuine candidate will know the right answer and would be able to write the answer within stipulated time.

• Once the exam is done you can see the assessment sheet (pdf) with candidates answers and our answers (actual answers) in your account (You also receive an email notification of completion of test by candidate)

• You will realize the in-depth knowledge of the candidate in required skill set and proceed to further steps in hiring.

Here are the features available in the latest version:

• Ability to create custom test by combining multiple topics/subjects as per your requirement.

• Send the test online from your a/c to candidate's email address.

• Disallow copy paste action for candidate while they are taking exam.

• Ability to instantly see the result (pdf) as soon as the exam is completed by candidate.

• Ability to create a copy of existing exam and re-use for another candidate.